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Meet Louisa, Founder

Wildly Tasty was born out of a passion for plant-based cooking and a vision to see more children and families enjoying delicious veggie meals from a young age.

Soon after we had our second child and - with ‘two under two’ - I found it a struggle to cook from scratch for my little ones. It was then that I wondered why there wasn’t more tasty, healthy and convenient plant-based meals out there aimed at children and families.

With 6 years experience as Head of Recipe Development at Mindful Chef, and with an ever-growing love of plant-based cooking - being vegan myself - I decided to create a range of meals specifically made for children to enjoy. My main focus was to make the meals full of flavour whilst using the highest quality ingredients available, ensuring every meal is packed with goodness, like you would cook at home. For ultimate convenience, all meals are frozen to retain freshness, and most meals can be cooked in minutes, just add your choice of side (rice, mash, tortillas, pasta the list goes on!).

Wildly Tasty is a planet-friendly business based in Surrey, that puts sustainability into the heart of everything we do. From the plant-based ingredients we source, through to the packaging. We are also committed to giving back to our chosen wildlife charity.

We would love to hear what your kids think of the meals.

Louisa x


Our mission is to encourage a love of eating wholesome plant-based meals from a young age to excite little taste buds whilst also being kind to our precious planet

Our Values

Full of Flavour

Chef-prepared vegan children's ready meals and family ready meals, bursting with flavour to excite and delight little taste buds. Why shouldn’t children experience the same delicious flavours that us parents eat. Our range of vegetarian children's meals include well-loved classics like bolognese and dahl as well as more exotic meals like Yellow Thai curry and Apricot tagine for the more adventurous.

Highly Nutritious Ingredients

Our tasty meals are made from all natural ingredients and wholefoods. Championing legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils, along with a wide range of high quality vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, dried fruit and spices. Our meals contain 4-5 different veggies, adding colour and flavour to each mealtime.

Created for Children & Families

We've designed these recipes specifically for kids, tasty for adults to enjoy too, and so the whole family can enjoy them. All our recipes are low in salt and made with natural ingredients. Suitable for children of all ages (over 1 year). With the help of registered nutritionist Clare Jeffries, we've made sure each of our products are nutritionally balanced. Clare is passionate about child nutrition and runs classes in local schools to educate children about the importance of healthy eating.

100% Plant-based

Our kids ready meals are all plant-based and vegan therefore contain no animal products. Choosing to eat more plant-based food is a great way to ensure children are eating more vegetables and wholefoods, plus it’s one of the best ways we, as individuals, can protect our planet. We aren't advocating everyone turn vegan but simply showing how tasty and healthy plant-based meals can be so children can enjoy this way of eating on a more regular basis.

Why Frozen?

Frozen to conveniently cook whenever needed, straight from the freezer, and to lock in nutrition and flavour. Most meals are ready in minutes to serve alongside your chosen side.

Planet-friendly Packaging

Sustainability is extremely important to us so we have worked hard to find packaging that is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. This includes our boxes, liners, ice packs, meal pots, stickers and sleeves. Visit our packaging page for more information on how to recycle, reuse or upcycle our packaging.

Connection with the Wild

To encourage the connection with our wild world, we share blog posts on activities that can be enjoyed outside with the kids to get them closer to nature. Don't miss our very 'wild' welcome flyers which are printed on seeded paper. Plant the paper in the pots you receive the meals in with some soil and water regularly - more info on how to do this can be found here.

Giving Back & Helping Animals Live Wildly

At the heart of Wildly Tasty is a love of our natural world and the animals that live in it. We are proud to partner with The Wildlife Aid Foundation, dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned UK wildlife. The charity also powers iDot, which stands for I Do One Thing. We challenge you to become part of iDot and encourage you and your children to do one environmentally friendly act every day to support wildlife and protect the environment. The more people commit to this, the more impact we will have for a better world. Every action counts!


Please visit our supplier page to learn more about how we source only the highest quality ingredients for all of our meals

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We're here to help answer any questions you may have about our products. Please fill out our contact form to get in touch with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We would also love to hear what you think of the meals.

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